The easy way for you and your family to enjoy more TV choice at home.

FREEVIEW is a simple way to enjoy Digital TV and easy to set up, easy to use and great value. You'll need a small box which you can get from around £60 at your local electrical retailer. Connect your box to your existing TV and aerial, switch on and enjoy more quality TV choice.


Will FREEVIEW work with my old ITV Digital box or iDTV?
We believe that most ex ITV Digital boxes and iDTVs will run the FREEVIEW services although this is dependent on the type and age of your equipment. If you want to check if your box or iDTV will support all the FREEVIEW services please contact your retailer or manufacturer.

Will I have to replace my existing TV?
No. The box just plugs into the back of your existing TV and converts your digital signals into analogue. If you want to, you can buy an iDTV (integrated Digital TV) which can also receive FREEVIEW.

Can you give me more information about the equipment I need?
For more information on equipment click here.

Do I need a widescreen TV set?
No, but with so many programmes being broadcast in widescreen format, you wonít get the full benefit unless you have a widescreen TV.

Can I view digital channels on all TVs in my house?
Yes, if you have a box for every analogue TV that you have. Alternatively, you can also distribute analogue pictures from a box (or iDTV) via an RF distribution system if you have one. Your retailer can tell you more about RF distribution systems. Check that you buy a box with an RF modulator.

How do I record FREEVIEW channels on my video? All equipment is different so you need to refer to the instruction books for your VCR and box or integrated set for help and contact your manufacturer if you have trouble. You can record a FREEVIEW digital channel, but you canít watch a different digital channel at the same time.

What if I need further information?
If you have any more queries please contact your local electrical retailer.